Instructions for use Clean Forte

Drops against parasites Clean Forte – a versatile natural medicine to kill parasite. The drop stun effect to kill all kinds of parasites, as well as promote its excretion from the body. The whole thing is a very dangerous condition which can occur at any age. However, there are types of people who are prone to other parasites, so I had to first pay attention to the condition of the body, in the event the disease was detected in time to act.


Drop Clean Forte use-treatment, prevention of parasitic diseases. The app will appear in the following cases:
  • the frequent contact with the soil, and untreated water
  • the presence of the pet in the apartment,
  • contact the carriers, the parasitic diseases,
  • the use of unwashed fruits, vegetables,
  • eating raw fish or meat products
  • bite exotic insects,
  • if you do not observe the rules of personal hygiene.

These factors have a direct danger of infection. In such cases, increased personal hygiene and use of Clean Forte as a preventive means.

Instructions for use of the drug

Dissolve 30 drops in a glass of cold boiled water to 200 ml drink on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating

In order to achieve the desired effect of the treatment, you should know how to use the tool, then stick application circuits recommended by the manufacturer. Dissolve 30 drops in a glass of cold boiled water to 200 ml, drink 30 minutes before meals. The device is disposable, one day, definitely on an empty stomach. The recommended course is 21 days.

Contraindications to receiving the funds was not revealed. In the presence of hypersensitivity to the preparation components and the use of funds is recommended only with the permission of the treating physician.

After the drug consumption is noted to improve the health, the normalization condition of the body. Cleaning parasites, larvae, and metabolic products occurs within 21 days. Full of toxins, the restoration of all systems of organs available for 1-2 months.

The medicine against parasites Clean Forte now available to buy in the Czech Republic. Means a special offer that allows you to purchase the drug at 50% discount. Clean your body of parasites! Use Clean Forte!