Parasites in us

The human body is a attractive place for pathogenic micro-organisms. Anyway, to the internal organs, they cause diseases, serious diseases. There are types of parasites, which are almost not affected by the well -to the person. Others can be deadly. Symptoms presence of the parasite in the human body, often to the point that the possibility of defeat. Immediately contact the experts: can we talk about how life or death.

The larvae of the parasite

What parasites live in humans

Giardia enters the body in unwashed hands, fruits or vegetables. These parasites belong to the class of flagellates and microscopic in size. Sometimes their presence is unnoticed, as there is no significant change or damage. Ancylostoma easy to hook if you walk barefoot on the earth. The infection manifests itself as a skin irritation, rash in the legs. The parasite can get into the internal organs, and acting as the industry.

Tapeworm like, if the child's body. This parasite lives in the intestines, which the child has a poor appetite, increased fatigue, irritation of the anus. The parasite lays eggs in the underwear skin, wrinkles. It enters the body, if you have dirty hands, is transmitted to the children through games, dishes, bedding. Swine and bovine zipname infected raw or not processed meat. It is especially dangerous to the larvae of the tapeworm, which can reach the eyes and brain. An adult tapeworm can live for 20 years, to achieve this 7 feet long.

Toxocara person's benefit, cats or dogs. The eggs of the parasites, the in adulthood, increasing up to 30 cm, together with animal manure in the soil. It could be that for years to remain viable. Then, with dirty hands, or dirty the ground objects, parasites in the body that do not leave. Within a person can easily spread to organs and systems.

The Echinococcus or alveolectomy can be contracted from the animals. Another variation of infection is consumption of unwashed vegetables, berries. Especially in danger are the larvae of these parasites via the blood vessels of the creation, through the body. They can cause the formation of cysts:

  • in the brain;
  • liver
  • the lymph system;
  • the kidney.
Discomfort in the stomach

Orsóférgek occurs in men more often than any other parasite. The source of the infection serves unwashed hands, dirty water, soil. Within the human Ascaris can reach the length of 40 cm, penetrating the liver, brain, capillaries, lungs, eyes, mucous membrane of the intestine. Food ascarids serve as nutrients required by the human body, the red blood cells. The presence of the parasite, or:

  • problems of the digestive system;
  • allergy;
  • anemia:
  • if the larvae can be the lung -, skin-or respiratory – atopic dermatitis, asthma, or arthritis;
  • some of the signs – fever, similar to flu.

Similar manifestations of the broad tapeworm in humans through raw fish. The parasite can grow up to ten metres long, wavy, in a man. If the infection to occur:

  • abdominal pain;
  • fatigue;
  • nausea (especially in the morning)

Signs of parasites in the body

The appearance of the skin, spots, or roughness, and the premature wrinkles, the baldness, acne causing concern. Attract the attention of, cracked heels, problems with toenails – symptoms of parasites in the body may be a sign of micro-organisms and the presence of the digestive tract. These may be caused by Trichomonas, Giardia. Any infection affects the immune system to manifest as sore throat, inflammation of the sinuses, suddenly manifests itself in the snoring, polyps, sinusitis.

The men of the sign of the presence of micro-organisms may be cystitis, prostate inflammation, sand and stones inside the bladder, kidney, prostate adenoma, impotence. Infection with certain parasites can cause brain damage and affect the future generations. In women, the symptoms of the micro organisms may be:

  • pain in the menstrual period;
  • violations of the cycle;
  • inflammation of the ovaries;
  • a glass of water for disease;
  • the inflammation of the adrenal glands;
  • the fibroids;
  • problems with the kidney, bladder;
  • the myoma.

Pinworms can cause appendicitis, opistorhoze parasite can cause inflammation of the pancreas or dyskinesia biliary tract. Trapped in the lungs the larvae of Ancylostoma create the appearance of pneumonia. The effect of the presence of harmful micro-organisms look like, bronchitis or tonsillitis. There are signs that one suspect a contamination by pathogenic microorganisms, among which are:

  • the deterioration of immunity;
  • allergy;
  • a sharp change of the weight;
  • unexpected skin problems;
  • I feel constant fatigue;
  • dysbiosis;
  • anemia;
  • frequent or persistent discomfort in the stomach or the intestine;
  • constipation;
  • the bad sleep, and a general hectic condition;
  • beriberi.

The symptoms of parasites in humans

The main symptoms of the infection are very diverse. This:

  1. Constipation. Worms, has reached a significant size, is able to block the intestine and bile duct and interfere with normal bowel movement.
  2. Diarrhea. Some micro-organisms classified material, which the liquefaction of the stool. The diarrhea is often a sign of digestive disorders, but the presence of the body of the uninvited guests.
  3. The gas and bloating. Trapped in the intestines, the worms cause inflammation. Prolonged swelling can be a symptom of parasites in the human body.
  4. The irritable bowel syndrome. Parasites, because fat is becoming better assimilated into the colon, which is Kale the a lot of. Experience, constipation, diarrhea, cramps.
  5. Pain in muscles, joints. Some micro-organisms prefer to settle in the muscle fluid of the joints. The presence of causing pain similar to that occurring in arthritis. In fact, they are caused by inflammation, as the immune system tries to expel worms or lesions of the fault.
  6. Allergic reactions. The waste products of the parasites may cause reactions in the immune system, they are forced to be more protective cells eosinophils. Most of them lead to inflammation, and an allergic reaction.
  7. Rashes on the skin. The presence of the worms will cause skin rashes, eczema, other problems. Parasites among protozoa leads to dermatitis, warts, ulcers on the skin.
  8. Anemia. After the intestine, the worms attach to the mucosa of living at the expense of nutrients of a person. Parasites, like the Trichomonas feeding blood cells, can be rastrogavshis, because significant blood loss from anemia.
  9. The worms in the heart
  10. The extra weight, or the lack of it. Completeness indicates that the parasites consume glucose or toxic products in my life. Skinny indicates that the metabolic diseases.
  11. Increased irritability and anxiety. The slag materials, the parasites are toxic to the human body and affect the nervous system, the person is often depressed, feels a constant irritation, these symptoms are the symptoms of parasites in the body.
  12. Sleep disorders. If you often wake up somewhere for two-three hours, this indicates parasites. In these hours, the liver tries to rid the body of toxins. Night, the worms exit through the anus, cause irritation.
  13. Teeth grinding during sleep. Common among the sleeping children, the reaction of the nervous system, toxic effect on the parasites.
  14. The chronic fatigue syndrome. Accompanied by signs similar to flu, lack of desire to the law, to spoil the memory. All of this points to the lack of nutrients caused by the presence of parasites.
  15. Immune disorders. The actions of microorganisms result in the weakening of the immune system causing the allergic reactions and favours the penetration of the infection.
  16. Cancer. If the parasite is in the body a long time, this leads to damage of tissues and organs. May be inflammation, lack of necessary body substances. This is the extra severe dysfunction of the immune system is a common background for the emergence of cancer problems.
  17. The inflammation of the Airways. Some parasites are able to move around the body. When they reach the Airways, they cause symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, high temperature. Even asthma or pneumonia caused by their activity.

The heart

Worms called maggots, worms-parasites related to the thread, tapeworms, flat worms. Four types of worms that can exist within a person. They can cause significant damage to many organs and tissues. When they reached the heart they can cause heart muscle inflammation. Signs of a lesion of this organ will appear in a week, a maximum of four months. In the absence of necessary treatment, the symptoms become chronic.

Under the skin

Maybe dirofilaria worms that can live under the skin. A man infected with the mosquitoes. Subcutaneous parasites carry the virus Morgellons dangerous for people with weakened immune systems. These diseases have similar manifestations, as expressed in the seal under the skin. If the button begins to move, indicating that the presence of one or more parasites.

My eyes

When myiasis century, there are boils on the skin caused by the larvae's presence causes the inflammation. Often the person feels the movement. The variants of the disease:

  1. Oftalmia distributed in tropical areas of the planet. Insect larvae make their way under the skin, out of the reach of the conjunctiva, lacrimal SAC, it's raining on the field. Their actions can damage the eyes.
  2. Larvae conjunctival granuloma occurs when a larva to the cap in the framework of the mucous membranes, which inflammation. Usually, the parasite is to remove it surgically.
  3. Creeping myiasis looks like a gradually elongated lines on the skin.
  4. Largely conjunctivitis occurs when you enter the larvae, the female the abdominal gadfly and throw the fly in the conjunctival SAC. It forms an ulcer of the cornea.
  5. Intraocular lesions are rare in larvae of botflies to the rodents or cattle.

The stomach

Often this is the body inhabited by worms. They are poison to the human body, releasing toxic substances. Signs, the worms, the smell of urine unpleasant breath, lack of defecation, loss of appetite, low weight. The symptoms of parasites in the human body should not be ignored, because these danger signs can lead to more devastating consequences.


Parasites living in the blood, can live in the red blood cells, plasma, white blood cells. Type of pests:

  1. Manson ella is a worm that can grow up to 8 cm. Causes dizziness, headache, joint pain, fever, skin problems, numbness of the feet.
  2. Prevention of infection of the parasite
  3. Haemosporidia lives in the red blood cells, single-celled organisms.
  4. The trypanosoma are protozoan parasites that cause Chagas disease and sleeping sickness.
  5. Found in the blood and the malaria parasite.

The methods of prevention of

Prevention of infection of the parasite strives to avoid contact with him or the carriers. Capable of regular inspection and cleaning of the body. But, to avoid this difficult because some parasites can get into the body of the naked part of the leg. Test validation of the body will not be superfluous, especially if you suspect that the presence. The following precautions will help to reduce the risk of infection:

  • personal hygiene;
  • frequent cleaning;
  • hot in the food processing;
  • wash the vegetables, fruits;
  • careful attention to the health of a pet.
  • at least twice a year, to place every member of the family of antiparasitic program.